LS Digital

Hi, I'm Lennart.

Digital Product Designer & Strategist

I specialize in Product Management & Product Design

Currently I'm leading the product team at xChange - disrupting the container logistics industry. If you're looking for a job - hit me up, we're hiring!

Back in 2009 I've started my own business and had the chance to work on a large variety of projects including clients such as Singularity University, Xamarin and the Allianz Group.

I've worked directly with several small and medium sized businesses on their corporate identity and the development of digital products. I worked as a trainee consultant in digital brand strategy for Interbrand (Berlin), and as a freelancer for multiple agencies.


Concepts & Vision

Building creative concepts based on design thinking methods and strategic considerations. Translating strategic goals in concrete roadmap items and shaping the vision of products and organizations.


Confident and articulate verbal communication skills presenting to clients and speaking in front of larger audiences. Experienced in communicating across diverse teams to create allignment and shared vision.

Design & UX

Experienced in creating visual language and design systems across platforms. Broad understanding of human centred design methods to explore user desires and needs. Experienced in prototyping front-end solutions.


Enabling developers to build new products and features in their most effective way. Curious about developing the perfect sprint (if its out there)!

Beside my work I always kept learning new things. I have a MSc. in Information Technology (Product Design) from the University of Southern Denmark. Here I learned what it means to take a user centric approach, facilitate workshops and work as a reflective design researcher. In my final project I developed a set of novel user experience guidelines for adults with ADHD (Designing for Adults with ADHD).

I have a BA in Marketing Management that told me how to develop marketing strategies that are inline with business objectives. It sparked my interest for brands.

I’m curious about exponential technologies and how they can impact the way we live and do business. I like to wonder about things, develop ideas, concepts and solve problems.

I'm always interested in new opportunities. Let me know.